Tuesday, 30 September 2008

beautiful desolation sound

Tenedos Bay
I fell in love with Desolation Sound as soon as I laid eyes on it. Its wild beauty is breath-taking. We picked the northern cove in Tenedos Bay for our first anchorage. It was very peaceful. There were few boats in all of the Sound, September proved to be a great month to avoid the crowds. We enjoyed exploring in our dinghy, and on land. I found this lovely bluff to practice my yoga, we had a picnic on a little island in the middle of the bay, and also explored the area around Unwin Lake. I had a great time skinny-dipping in the lake… the water was refreshing, but not too refreshing!

Unwin Lake

After three nights in Tenedos, we decided to go to Prideaux Haven – one of the most popular destinations in Desolation Sound with amazing views of mountains and lots of great nooks and crannies to explore. Prideaux Haven includes Melanie Cove and Laura Cove. (In the 20’s and 30’s two men lived there, one in each cove and there is some evidence of their presence long ago – right around that time I read M. Wylie Blanchet’s book “Curve of Time” which includes stories about both men.) We hiked, we rowed, we baked in the sun, and relaxed. One thing I noticed around here, the seagulls are way more laid back than Victoria seagulls, and so was I! There’s something to be said about being out in the wild!

Prideaux Haven

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