Tuesday, 30 September 2008

southward bound

Rebecca Spit

Too soon, it seemed it was time to head back… but we stopped in Rebecca Spit one more time. (The only anchorage we went to more than once). And with good reason, we got news that our friend Sam was on his way home to Quadra with a new world record from the HPV races in Nevada. We surprised him and celebrated his victory with the family and 2 days later, started our journey homeward.

False Bay, Lasqueti Island

All the way up to Desolation Sound, we were plagued by NW winds, so it’s not surprising that when we turned around to head south, the wind shifted to SE!

On our way to Lasqueti Island, we got to sail a little bit, but mostly motored through choppy waters…and that’s when the engine started to waver again…oh boy.

The engine was being starved for fuel. It stopped running.

A cold day on the water
So here we are, drifting in the Northern Georgia Strait and Rick has the fuel system ripped apart. Originally, when we had problems on our way north, we thought it was due to dirt in the fuel. What Rick discovered is that not only we had a faulty check valve at the tank (it wasn’t releasing at a low enough pressure), the electric priming pump wasn’t pumping fuel or allowing fuel to pass through it.

We jimmied open the check valve (Kyra’s idea!) and by-passed the electric priming pump. And the engine hasn’t been a problem since.

We made it to Lasqueti Island as the sun was setting… found ourselves a spot to anchor, ate some dinner and crashed, we were beat.

Silva Bay, Gabriola Island

BBQ Chef in heaven
Early the next day, we left Lasqueti, without doing any exploring – our goal was to spend more time on Gabriola. The skies were grey, it was cold and it there was a bit of rain. As we progressed south, the skies started to clear, but not before we donned our Floater suits to stay warm…(the first time this year!) The closer we got to Gabriola, the more layers came off. Silva Bay was busy with boats, a bit of a shock to the system after all the quiet anchorages up north! The sun was shining, Rick rowed to shore to get some beer, and we did a bit of provisioning. Although, the food highlight for Rick was the steaks Andrea sent us home with – The BBQ chef was on cloud 9! We enjoyed a relaxing evening, reading and lounging.

The Log Boom
Gabriola Passage and Telegraph Bay

We left Silva Bay in time for slack tide at Gabriola passage, another narrow passage with lots of rip tides. All went well, it was even fun! (Once our binoculars confirmed that the log booms were headed away from us and not fighting us for space in the passage!

Telegraph Bay

We got to Telegraph Bay, refueled at the Thetis Island Marina, and although we were craving showers, we anchored. While I stayed out of Rick’s way, he installed a “bus heater” so that our cabin could warm up when the engine was running… the seasons are a’changing.

We decided to spoil ourselves and go to the pub for a drink and some food that neither of us had to cook! After our meal at the friendly little pub, and a magical row through the bio-luminescents after dark, we slept soundly.

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