Thursday, 7 June 2007

on dust and power

So much work... but oh so exciting! I'm beginning to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing the refit of our boat. Rick is miles ahead of me in the learning curve, but I'm enthusiastically trudging behind. The cabin was a disaster area when I arrived - Rick had been busy tearing things apart, I went into serious cleaning mode - so for a brief time, it is newly organized compliments of yours truly!

I then proceeded to fill the cabin with dust, as I spent the rest of the evening sanding up a storm in the head. Nothing like gettin' rid of old peeling paint!

Rick joined me later, after his work at Gartside. He focused on prepping the starboard cockpit locker to run shore power to it. We enjoyed working together yet on our own projects - checking on each other's progress - dreaming of the day we move aboard... sigh.


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